Friday, 8 January 2010

The discovery

There was a raven sitting on the branch of the bush. "Hey, was it you who mouned here?" said the man and turned around. The raven shrieked and the man turned to it "I don't bother you if you have your nest there in the bush." said the man to the raven and started to walk. The raven rised to its wings and flew towards the man. The man swerwe the bird and tried to go on. The raven shrieked again and flew towards the man.

"Hey, are you trying to say something to me?" asked the man and stopped again. He realised that the cat has been standing in front of the bush for a while. "Is there something in the bushes?" wondered the man. He bent down to hes knees and tryed to see in the bush. He could see nothing so he pushed hes hand in the bush and get grip something soft. He tryed to pull it on sight bud could not.

"What do we have here?" he mumbled and bent down on the ground. He saw yellow fabric sleeve in the midle of the bush and in the sleeve there was a hand. "What a hec!" The man took a good grab and pull. Slowly he got a body out of the bush. It was a woman, actually a young girl. "Is she dead? No she breathing. Thank God!"

He lifted the girl up and starts to walk on. Soon he could hear water rippling and there was a little creek in front of him. He layed the girl down. The raven and the cat turned to watch him. "Hey, she is not made of air." he said to his companions.

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