Sunday, 17 January 2010

By the creek

When the man reached to the creek he set the girl down. He listened a short moment and then he bended down beside the girl. "What should I do with you?" he murmed and touched her forehead. "No fever, but still unconscious. How long have you been unconscious? What causes it?" The man raised and moistened his hand in the creek and applied her face with cold water. She sight but did not wake up.

The man rised up and listened carefully. "I do not like this!" he said and looked around. The mist looked like it has been tightened. "Fog althougt the sun has been up hours! We cannot stay here!" He rised the girl up and started to walk on carefully. After a few steps he stopped and listened again. He could hear nothing. Carefully he walked on step by step across the creek. And then he stopped again, put the girl down, and listened carefully.

The cat and the raven has been following the man. The were clearly alert. The man waved his hand to the raven and it looked like it understood. It raised up to its wings and flew away. The cat started to tiptoe under the bushes. The man waited paitiently. He know that soon he will know. When waiting he bended down and touched the girls face. She was still unconscious and her breathing was light, maybe too light. The man wrinkled his brows anxiously.

At the very moment the raven flew back and shrieked shortly. And the cat came forth from the bushes. "So did you see anything?" asked the man silently. The raven shrieked again, rised to its wings and flew towards west. The cat sneaked towards west too. "OK, you think we must go to west although the city of Citadel is north." muttered the man. He lifted the girl and started to walk. He trusted hes companions instincts and followed them towards west.

"City of Citadel has to wait for me for a while." he thought. Soon he realised that the mist was not so thick anymore. And when he reached the end of the forest the air was clear.

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