Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The beginning

The road was small, not exatly a road at all. Just a two trails going to the same direction. The mist was spinning around. Bushes alongside the tail were dense. Trees were big and their leafs was still green. Summer has not yet turned towards winter.

The man stood there watching and listening. It was almost noon, there should not be any mist left. What was waiting for him behind the trees? But he knew he must go there. He must go through the misti forest, because behind it was the city of Citadel. And his frend was there waiting for him.

The grey cat looked up the man and begin to walk on the path. Watched back to the man, as saying, come on, and went on.

"Okei, Fellow lets go on." said the man and started to walk. After few steps he heard something. Stopped to listen, nothing. He stepped away from the path to the shadows of the forest and listen. Somebody was moaning somewhere near him.

The cat was watching him looking surprised, as saying, hey there is somebody who needs your help. "Shh, Fellow, we have to be careful. Don't know what comes out of there." He walked few steps and looked behind the bushes.

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