Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The cloister

When the man reached the end of the forest, the air was clear and sun was shining brightly. He stopped and put the girl down. He straightend hes back and stood very still listening. The only thing he could hear was a silent breeze. There was nobody in sight, as he was the only person in the world. He and that unconscious girl.

And then he heard it. The bells of the Cloister of The Holy Mother Earth. He had almost forgotten the cloister. The sister would know what to do with the girl. He took the girl in his arms again and started to walk very carefully and silently. Trying not to hurt the girl.

After two more stops he could see the cloister. Old memories begins to spring in his mind. It was an old greystone house, walls around it. And a splendid gardens with medical herbs, and aromatic flowers. And the big gates of the high wall was always open as welcoming everybody to come in.

But the gates were not open now. The man stopped and watched and could not believe what he saw. The gates of the cloister were closed. That was not good, not good at all. But he has no choise, the girl was still almost lifeless and he needed help for her. His own skills did not help here.

The man set the girl down by a big bush, which covered the girl from others. Then he started to walk towards the cloister carefully stopping to listen after few steps. And then closer and stop and listen and then closer. Till he was by the wall. He walked to the big gates and banged them. It took several minutes and then he could hear voices behind the gates like somebody was discussing intencely. Then "I know what I am doing!" said a clear determined voice and the gates begin to open.

A short firm elderly lady in grey gown stood in the gateway and said "It has been a long time since, Gaion Dahill!" "Yes, Mother Superior, it has been!" answered the man humbly.

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